AI That Improves The ROI Performance Of Every Ad. Easy And Effective!


Our powerful AI chat-based tool is built into aiADZ to help with the ease of reporting the results of your advertising campaigns. Key Performance Indicators and advertising creative is automatically reviewed by aiADZ and results are reported with recommended improvements that are easily implemented.

Custom Design

 The aiADZ platform quickly and easily designs custom advertising campaigns across digital platforms for your multi-units.

 Unlimited Campaigns

 aiADZ provides tools to set up, manage, and test unlimited campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Local Customization

Easily build in localized customization to each ad with dynamic placeholders.

Speed to Lead Add-On App

 We offer our Speed to Lead app as an add-on to aiADZ.  The Speed to Lead app focuses on prospect engagement and live chat.  This is accomplished by uniquely engaging and qualifying prospects through the implementation of the app on Facebook Messenger.