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How To Use AI To Improve Lead Generation Performance.

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      Combining The Best Data And AI. Optimizing Your Advertising Results.

      Over the past fifteen years, we’ve run hundreds and hundreds of digital ad campaigns for well-known brands and start-ups.

      As new digital technologies have been developed, we learned how to use them to their fullest advantage by combining our proprietary data models and AI to help us learn what works and what doesn’t.

      Take advantage of our custom AI platform to increase your profits and grow your business.

      • We’ve mastered how to avoid all of the potential stumbling blocks on the different platforms.
      • We know what mistakes will get your digital campaign shut off, costing you time and money.
      • We know what strategies get results and save money.
      • We’ve built this knowledge into our AI platform so we can share these years of industry experience and the lessons learned with all of our clients, saving them time and money.

      Take advantage of our custom AI platform to increase your profits and grow your business.

      How AI Changes The Game. Ad Tech To Accelerate Growth And Build Your Revenue.

      Our technology platform is built to make your advertising more effective, resulting in revenue acceleration.

      Our AI platform delivers:

      Trained Accuracy

      Trained Accuracy

      AI + Proprietary Modeling Get Better Results

      Quicker Testing

      Quicker Testing

      Click And Done Ad Platform

      Results In Seconds

      Results In Seconds

      Instant Analysis And Recommendations


      Fully Scalable

      Test Multiple Campaigns For Your Single Or Multi-Units

      Control Your Brand Message.

       We understand the importance of brand consistency and preserving brand guidelines. The aiAdz interface automatically controls your ad campaign messaging, making it quick and easy for your multi locations to be successfully branding as one!

      Better Facebook And Google Results Without The Hassle. Save Money.

      You’re just a couple of clicks away from an advertising campaign that delivers better website traffic or lead generation without the Facebook Manager and Google hassle.

      Spend less time setting up your advertising campaigns and more time quickly learning what works and why so you and your multi-units drive more profits!

      AI Powered.  Faster Optimization.

      Our platform is AI powered to accelerate your results. You’ll access collective machine learning from campaigns across all your locations. This helps you deliver faster optimization and improved advertising campaign results.

      Launching Advertising Campaigns. We Can Help.

      The aiADZ platform is designed to scale advertising campaigns. Because of our simple click-and-go ad design system, you stay in control of the advertising campaign messaging.

      If you need help, we can assist with various advertising functions including writing and designing ads or as a preferred vendor for your multi-unit owners.

      • Easy Set Up (We help with that)
      • Multiple Campaign Options
      • Custom Creative Options
      • Detailed Targeting
      • AI Analyz Reporting
      • Speed-To-Lead Messaging
      • Online Dashboard Reporting
      • Seamless ClientTether Integration

      AI Analyzes Your Results. Share Data With Your Multi-Units.

      Make smarter decision quicker with our AI Analyz and Scoreboardz built right into the online reporting dashboard.

      And if you have multi-units each location can see which campaign across all locations are most effective.

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